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Manage Annual Vacation , Leaves & Termination

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Manage Annual Vacation , Leaves & Termination

Holidays should be relaxing. Unless, of course, you’re the person managing all the annual leave requests from employees!

Calculating entitlements for different workers and ensuring everyone receives the statutory minimum paid leave can feel like an administrative feat. An annual leave year is the time period within which employees are entitled to, and must use, their annual leave allocation.

One option is to start each employee’s holiday leave year on the day they start working for you. This saves you having to calculate how much of your annual leave year is left when they join. A big drawback with this is that everyone ends up with a different annual leave year, which can be a real headache to keep on top of, particularly as a business grows.

Calculating holiday allowances for all your employees and keeping track of what everyone has used throughout the year is a job in itself!