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Implementation Of Hr Policies And Systems

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Implementation Of Hr Policies And Systems

HR policies are also defined as that body of principles and rules of conduct which govern the enterprise in its relationship with employees. Such a policy statement provides guidelines for a wide variety of employ­ment relationships in the organization. The purpose and significance of the HR policies hardly need any elaboration.

Every organization needs policies to ensure consistency in action and equity in its relation with employees. A company may have adopted a policy of providing training for all employees as a means of preparing them for promotion. To imple­ment this policy, it may have developed an extensive training programme. The programme may include job training for new employees, supervisory training for foreman and supervisors, and management development for members of the management group. In the supervisory training programme, it may include role playing as one of the many training practices.

Human resource policies are not something that can be considered in isolation. It is an integral part of the whole policy structure of the enterprise. To secure effective implementation of the HR policies, it is desirable that employees at different levels understand the policies in the same sense as the management does. Conflicts arise when employers take policies to mean something different and interpret it differently; making policies understood is a joint responsibility. In case the inten­tions of the management are good, there is every possibility of the successful implementation of the policy.